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Dream Turf Equipment Company Announces Sweep-N-Fill III




Dream Turf has created an innovative product that greatly reduces the time you spend cleaning a green after aeration. Sweep-N-Fill III saves money by eliminating the labor intensive process of backfilling aerated greens. Developed by a superintendent, the Sweep-N-Fill III ground driven unit mimics push broom action which eliminates sand bridging of aerified holes. Lifts lateral shoots so effectively, after 2 or 3 groomings grain is removed from putting surfaces, leaving a perfectly groomed appearance.


Benefits of Sweep-N-Fill III

  • Significant time and labor savings
  • Faster recovery of aerified turf
  • Eliminates bruising and turf injury
  • Removes grain from putting surface

  • Fills aerified holes in only 2 - 3 passes
  • Places top dressing sand to crown of plant
  • 25% - 35% less sand required to fill aerified holes
  • Provides fastest clean up of aerified green ever

  • Terrific grooming tool
  • Lifts lateral shoots and matted turf
  • Reduces need for verticutting and vertical grooming
  • Promotes upright growth of leaf blades
  • Provides superior putting surfaces
  • Opens turf canopy

  • Artificial turf (Stands Up Turf, Redistributes Infill Material)
  • More effective than drag brushes
  • Gentle to turf blades

  • Strong frame; heavy-duty bearings & sprockets; durable, rugged construction
  • 6" ground clearance in transport mode
  • Multiple adjustment of brushes from tickling turf to aggressive brushing
  • Brushes float with contour of ground
  • Prevents gas and oil leaks (ground driven)
  • Can be pulled by golf cart or light truckster
  • 54" working width, 66" overall width

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Chris Pekarek, Village Links of Glen Ellyn, Glen Ellyn, IL says this about the Sweep-N-Fill Brush:

"I have used the Sweep-n-fill for the past 3 seasons and wanted to let you know how well it has worked for me. We don't core aerate and top-dress until the 1st week in October which is very late for the Chicago market. With traditional drags and brushes we could never fill the holes with top-dressing that late in the fall. The Sweep-n-fill does the job even when there is a little moisture present. It used to take several guys with drags and push brooms to try to work the sand in. Now it only takes 15 minutes per green using 1 guy with the Sweep-n-fill. We have thirty greens on our property. The Sweep-n-fill paid for itself after 1 season. Thanks. Chris Pekarek - Village Links of Glen Ellyn


Allen Parkes, PGA Professional/Certified GCSAA, Traditions at Chevy Chase, Wheeling, IL says this about the Sweep-N-Fill Brush:

"In 30+ years of purchasing equipment ranging in price from a $500 push mower to a $55,000 rough unit, I can say unequivocally the Sweep-N-Fill brush is one of, if not the, best value I've received for my equipment purchasing dollar. The unit is simple, durable, cleans greens in a single pass, and is inexpensive.

I've used both the Gandy brush as well as the Greens Groomer and neither impressed me as much as the Sweep-N-Fill."


About Us:

Dream Turf Equipment Company, Innovation through Revelation

Dream Turf Equipment Company is successful because of it's belief in the products it manufactures and a never-ending source of direction and innovation. Founded by John Heitfield, Dream Turf Equipment Company has produced products for use in turf maintenance for many years.

Dream Turf products are developed out of necessity to fulfill a need and provide long term service to the turf maintenance professional. All Dream Turf products have been developed and tested in a real-world setting under actual operational conditions. When you purchase Dream Turf equipment, you are receiving a product build to last and perform a job in the best, most efficient manner possible.

Development and Testing Facilities

All Dream Turf products are currently tested at the Turtle Creek Golf Course in Greenville, Ohio. The grounds keeping staff use Dream Turf products to perform daily maintenance and upkeep on the facilities at TCGC. Products are closely monitored and re-worked until they meet the rigid quality standards required of Dream Turf.